We will be in need of a lots of things for restoring Glala and getting her ready to make her return trip to Dunkirk.  Things we need to buy, acquire, beg, or borrow… and for some of it there’s going to be a lot!

If you would like to support Glala and help her get to Dunkirk again, there are several ways you can do so:

  • By donating (or selling) second-hand, pre-loved, spare period parts; tools traditional and modern;
  • By donating You can, of course, make a financial donation!!   All funds will go directly towards materials and costs for restoring Glala.
  • By sponsorship: If you are a company  or organisation and can help with supplying parts/consumables, or can offer us a discount in return for publicity on the website, on twitter etc. please contact us and see if we can work together.


Seeking portholes

We are trying hard to find 4 original style portholes to replace missing original items. We have no idea why they are missing and can only assume that they were either sold by the previous owner or “liberated” by some uncaring dirtbag. The original portholes will most certainly date from no later than 1920 when Camper & Nicholson built the superstructure and fitted her out. They differ from more modern portholes in that they are fastened to the outer face of the cabin sides and have no finishing plates, in other words the outer frame of the porthole has countersunk fixing holes on the opposite face from the opening hinge and locking dogs.
If you are able to help us locate something, if not the same then at least similar in the way they are constructed we would be very grateful.
We need to find 2 large and 2 small ones.

vintage windlass

We would very much like to find a vintage windlass in keeping with Glala’s age. She was heavily refitted in 1938 by AEC and had a large manual windlass mounted on the foredeck, which can clearly be seen in the pictures on the 1940’s history page. That windlass appears to be manual, we would prefer to find an early electric or hydraulic one but would also consider the same type as fitted in 1938. The same type windlass as pictured above (Easy Veer Windlass – by F. W. Bracket) would be perfect with regard to looks. Glala is registered at 51grt.

Bronze, Brass & Copper

We’ve been collecting bits of bronze, brass and copper as we will have to cast a window… one had disappeared before we owned her. Can you help? All donations gratefully received!